Many, many people contribute to the success of Friends of the North Misiway.  Thank you.!

Our friends in the north appreciate your generosity. 

A legacy fund from Four Winds Presbytery in Kingston of over $4,500 was donated to Friends of the North Misiway to create a lasting presence for people in the north.  While the plans have not been finalized, Deputy Chief Earl Cheechoo believes that activity is very important for youth and supports hockey as a great winter activity. Moose Factory is on an island and only has access only by helicopter when the river freezes and thaws.  Deputy Chief Earl felt a container could be installed near the complex and would provide much-needed storage for the hockey equipment, food, clothing, and other needs when the barge or ice road is not in service. We are very grateful for the outreach from this generous team.

A grant in the amount of $5,000 from Four Winds Presbytery for youth in the north was graciously received. Plans include providing a kid’s club for children and training for youth.  The youth will appreciate your kindness.

A donation of $2,000 from the Laidlaw foundation was made for Charlie Cheechoo’s Project George.  A back to the land experience for at-risk kids.  These programs make such a difference in the lives of these young people.  Thank you Sue Leslie for making this happen.

From the Watkins Fund for Innovative Programs and Projects in Addressing Poverty and Children at Risk, and the Living Spirit Fund  Cataraqui United Church (Kingston, ON) $15,000 in support of the Friends of the North Misiway (Cree for Everyone) project. This will establish a used clothing program and food bank in an isolated region in the North. Clothing and food will be transported to the site and volunteers will train to manage it. This partnership follows the partnership principles of the United Church of Canada.    

Barney, you are indeed a friend.

A very big thank you for your generosity, without your financial assistance this web site would not be possible.

Four Winds Presbytery provided a donation to the Kid’s club.  This money was for leadership training to a deserving student as an honorarium for her work during the week long Kid’s club.