Our Values


OUR MISSION; is to establish a friendly, caring partnership with the people in Cree Communities along the western shore of James Bay.

OUR VISION; is commitment to a long-term partnership of caring and sharing with our Friends in the North. Building Bridges with Open Hearts, Open Hands, Open Minds,

OUR VALUES; embraced by the Friends of the North Misiway team consist of; but not limited to: friendship, respect, compassion, sharing, credibility, kindness, understanding, empathy, benevolence and oneness.

Through friendship, we strive to serve with three C’s:
• Caring,
• Compassion
• Commitment

Terms of Reference:
• We Friends of the North endeavour to assist in areas as deemed appropriate by leaders in the Cree community.
• First Nation community leaders will determine projects and we will listen to their wisdom.
• All decisions will be made with respect to the values and culture of the First Nations people.
• Fundraising is limited, and as such individuals may have to establish personal financial priorities to participate extensively in Friends of the North Misiway.
• Building community takes time and is more important than completing a specific project in a timely manner.
• Success will be determined by how we are received in the community.
• Our role is to demonstrate love through acts of kindness and caring values of love, respect, compassion, and caring. credibility and transparency
• After each project evaluate; record lessons learned for implementation in future projects.
• As a not for profit organization we endeavor to be transparent with all transactions recorded accurately and in a timely manner.