Opening of Misiway Sharing Centre, Moosonee – April 2018

Thanks to the support of the Kingston community and afar, shipments of clothing and personal supplies continue to be sent to friends in the north.

This includes communities of Moose Factory, Moosonee, and moving north to Kashechewan and Attawapiskat.  A modestly priced clothing store was set up in the spring of 2018 to create a sustainable centre for the people in and around the Moosonee area..  Better quality items are sold and the centre provides part-time employment and training.  We do, however, continue to send most clothing and supplies to benefit needy individuals and families.

First a location was found and racks for the clothing purchased here in Kingston (from Sears when the Sears store closed).  A van was rented, filled to the brim with inventory and furnishings, then driven (by road and by train) to Moosonee for the initial set-up and grand opening.  A special note of appreciation to Ronnie for her care and capable operation of the Misiway Sharing Centre during the summer months.

Arriving by train from Cockrane to Moosonee Ontario.
By train from Cockrane to Moosonee – a 5 hour trip.
Moosonee is located about 7 km ‘inland’ from James Bay. Moose Factory is an island just a 10 minute boat ride away; water taxi and barge to are available in summer months by water and by ice road in winter moths.
Misiway Sharing Centre is located one block away from the main street in Moosonee and one block from the water taxi area serving Moose Factory.
Modest signage, but warm welcoming to all ages.  Open three days per week. Staffed for the local communities by local residents.
Welcoming Nook is supplied with complimentary books and personal items.
Quiet reading in welcome nook.
Linens such as warm blankets, sheets and towels – even soap have their place.
Dress up clothes (men’s shirts/pants) for special occasions and supplies such as wool to create unique personal items.
Hats for school and the great outdoors.
Sunglasses to dim bright glare of pristine winter snow.
Nearly new toys and baby needs can be pricey and limited in supply in the north. Thank you for sharing what you may have in abundance.


The purchase of good quality winter items and some sizes can be a challenge in the north. All sizes, in addition to XL, XXL, XXXL items are appreciated.

Backpacks and warm boots for school age children are always needed. Both Moosonee and Moose Factory have schools.


Moose Factory Water Taxi Dock.